Online Work Day, 4/17

What I Did

Since last class, I have been working on collecting pictures to go along with the major events that define Ross and Rachel’s relationship that I have decided to focus my project on. I have also been thinking about the best way to document and present my project, as well as my citations. My method of presentation will be important because it needs to be appropriate for my project’s genre.

Why I Did It

I spent some time looking for pictures because I would like to incorporate social media into my project, but in order to provide context to members of the audience who might not be familiar with the show or the storyline, I need to include visual components. The pictures will be a key aspect to my project, as they will provide visual background and make it easier to understand the meaning behind the social media status updates.

Project Format

I am still thinking about the most appropriate format for my project, but it will likely be in the form of a visual timeline or just in the form of a blog page. My project consists of retelling the major events of the relationship between Ross and Rachel, the two major characters in the show Friends. Their story is obviously chronological, so I will most likely use my blog to display pictures and status updates from fake social media accounts that I am making.

Documenting my Sources and Assets

In order to keep track of all of the sources and assets that I am using throughout my project, I have been taking screenshots of pictures and a list of the links to the website pages that I have found my information from. Since I am remixing part of a tv show, most of the quotes I use will come from the show and the pictures will come from other sources, but the original source is Friends. I know it is important to keep track of all my sources as soon as I use them and not rely on them still being available at a later time, so I have made sure to take screenshots and document them initially.

I am still trying to figure out which method I will use to present my citations so that it fits my project’s format and is creative at the same time. My project is not a video, so I cannot present the citations like in a credits format, although I would like to present them in a way that is just as creative. Going along with the social media that I am using, I may have status updates at the end of my project in which there is a status that presents each citation. As I said, I am still in the process of deciding the method I will use for presenting these citations, but I have already begun to document them.

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