Continuing to Work on a Remix (4/20)

What I Did

Today we started class by signing up to present our projects, which will start next Wednesday. I will be presenting my project 4, the remix of Ross and Rachel, next Friday May 1. I am excited to show everyone else in the class what I have been working on, but I know that I have a lot of work left to do before I can present.

After signing up for presentations, I spent the rest of class continuing to look for and collect pictures to include in my project as well as making some tweets from one of the fake twitter sites Professor Gardner provided us with.

Why I Did It

I spent today’s class looking for pictures because I need to have at least one picture to accompany each major event and each status that I have from fake twitter and facebook. The pictures serve the purpose of providing a visual component to the project, but to also provide some context and visual background to the audience members who are not familiar with the Friends.

In addition to collecting pictures, I spent my time making status updates because I think they will be an important, funny component to the project. I know that the the characters from Friends would’ve used social media frequently if it had been around during the time of the show, so I want to use statuses and tweets as part of my remix.

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