Beginning to Wrap Up the Remix (4/24)

What I Did

Since Wednesday’s class was spent giving and getting feedback on each other’s projects, I was able to use the feedback I received to better focus my project from now on. Based off of the helpful feedback I received, I have decided to narrow my project’s focus even further by remixing the story of Ross and Rachel into Ross’ perspective on the story. I think that if social media was around during the time of the show’s original filming and airing that Ross would’ve been more likely to use social media as an outlet for his thoughts and emotions. I feel like Ross would’ve taken full advantage of posting status updates and tweeting his thoughts on people and situations, especially his love life.

Today, I spent class time making statuses and tweets from Ross’ perspective, based on the major events of his relationship with Rachel (and also some of his other major relationship events). I then took screenshots of the statuses I made so that I will be able to incorporate them into the project easily.

Why I Did It

I have chosen to narrow my project down to Ross’ perspective on events that occur because it was suggested by one of my peer reviewers, it will save me some time in the amount of time I have left before my presentation date, and also because I think it will make for a more entertaining and less overwhelming project for my audience. As I said, I really believe that Ross would be more likely to use social media as an emotional outlet more so than Rachel would’ve. I think Rachel would’ve had difficulty figuring out how to use the the technology of the sites, so she would just give up and vent to Monica and Phoebe about her emotions and what’s going right and wrong in her life and relationships.

As I began to make fake statuses and tweets, I thought about what Ross would’ve said in situations, keeping in mind his thought process and some of his quotes during the show. I made sure to take screenshots of the statuses I made.

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