Last In-Class Work Day (4/27)

What I Did

Today we had one last in-class work day, as the remainder of our class periods will be dedicated to class presentations on our remix projects.

I continued to collect pictures to go along with the events that define Ross and Rachel that I have chosen to focus on. I found a new source I am going to use in my project, which is a blog that a Friends fan made that goes through the show, highlighting events in detail that relate to real life moments in her life. I think the concept behind the blog is really cool because Friends is full of real life events, lessons, and experiences that everyday people face because the show is centered around six adults in their early 30s who are just trying to figure their life out. Anyway, I know this source will be useful for me as I finish up my project this week.

I also began to work on my presentation by starting the slides so I can fill in more information later. My presentation is this Friday so I will need to be completely done with it no later than Thursday at midnight.

Why I Did It

As I mentioned, I was looking for more pictures to go along with my events so I could add a visual context to them and I found a new source to use that will be helpful. This new source also gave me some great caption ideas that I am sure would be close to what Ross said in those situations. I went through this blog to find as many pictures and quote/caption/fake tweet ideas that I could and I will continue to do so because I found this blogger/fan’s insight to be both entertaining, true, and helpful.

I started working on my presentation slides because I am presenting at the end of this week, so I know that in order to have a detailed presentation prepared I need to start now.

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