Design Characteristics

So, now you must be wondering how to use Popplet and what a popplet actually looks like! Well, good news, Popplet is a tool that is fairly straightforward and easy to begin using, no previous outside knowledge is required before starting to use the site. Simple, easy to follow directions are provided on how to create your very own popplet.

You might notice that I have been using both Popplet and popplet and that is because Popplet is the actual tool and the site’s name, while a popplet is used to describe the entirety of the project a user is working on. The individual boxes upon which users build their ideas from are called popples. While the terms may seem silly and confusing, they are interesting because they are unique to Popplet and they are part of what makes the tool fun for users!

When first starting out, users have the option to create their own Popplet login, which allows him or her to create and save popplets that are their own. Or, if a user just wants to see how the tool works, he or she has the option to simply try out the tool and make a login at a later time if they wish to do so.

Upon beginning to create a popplet, users are brought to a blank screen that instructs them to double click to make a popple, which is the first step to creating a popplet.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 12.47.59 AM

After creating the popple, users can then customize their popple and then click the navigation buttons to add popples to the left, right, above, and below the original popple. Users can also customize by adding color to the outside of the popple’s box and to the inside. There are also features that allow users to upload videos and images of their own or users can draw their own images. The main idea is that popple is whatever users want it to be- it can be plain and have no color, images, or video and simply be textual, or it can be colorful and vibrant, full of images and also incorporate additional media. Most users, however, do incorporate images of some kind since Popplet is a visual based learning tool and that is what makes the tool most effective for audiences.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 1.02.06 AM

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