Modes of Communication

Popplet mainly uses three of the five modes of communication all of the time and all throughout the site- linguistic, visual, and spatial. The tool has the potential to also make use of the aural and gestural modes if users choose to take advantage of all the uploading and sharing options. Also, depending on the types of pictures Popplet users upload to their popplets, the gestural mode of communication can be seen often.

The linguistic mode is of course used through the delivery of the text within each popplet. In addition, the linguistic mode is used in the way that each popplet is developed, through the flow of ideas that, when combined together, make the whole popplet. The whole idea of the linguistic mode of communication is coherence and organization and that is essentially the purpose behind Popplet as a tool.

The visual mode is also used because Popplet is a very visual based tool that is intended to benefit people who do not learn as well through auditory means. Through pictures and the clean organization of the popplets, the visual mode is heavily present.

The spatial mode is also present in the way that the site is laid out, making it relatively easy for users to navigate and access all of the features.

Finally, the aural and gestural modes are used if users choose to include media such as videos or pictures of people or themselves in their popplets. However, the other three modes are the ones primarily used, as many popplets do not incorporate sound or pictures of people.

Here is an example of a popplet that uses all five modes of communication. The user created a popplet called My Digital Identity in which he uploaded a video and also included a picture of himself inside one of the popples.

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 11.07.11 PM

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